About Us

We have the experience and technical skills to make your project a success.

Lead Developer, Donna Witter, got started with website development by necessity. Faced with a monumental communications task, developing an informative, user-friendly website was the only solution.

Since the, she has developed countless websites. She’s also revamped problematic and out-of-date sites and managed web presence for a complex organization. Along the way, she’s taught best-practices web development to both adult professionals and enterprising teens.

Her projects feature clean, easy-to-use interfaces and web-friendly content. Many of these have special functions, like shopping carts, registration forms, online payments, maps, and database design and management

Behind the scenes, she uses a variety of tools to ensure the technical performance of each project. These include optimizing page loading, ensuring accessibility, and making sure that every project works across platforms and devices.

Whatever the scope of the project, she strives for customer satisfaction, with an end result that’s sure to please.

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