Development Process

Our development process puts your vision on center stage.

  Initial Consultation

The first step in our development process is you, and your vision for your website. We’ll find out what functionality you need, and the look and feel that you are after. If you need suggestions, or want to know about up-and-coming trends, we’ll be happy to help. We’ll ask about your site’s anticipated visitors, and your expectations for the future evolution of the site. If you currently have a website, we’ll do a thorough assessment, as well as performance testing to identify any areas that need special attention.

  Assessment of Existing Resources

We’ll take stock of any existing resources that might work well with your new or updated site. This may include material on an existing site, material from promotional items such as brochures or newsletters, or other items such as your in-house available graphics and previously developed content. If there are gaps in these resources, we’ll work with you to fill them. In many cases, we can recommend low-cost outside services that provide high-quality photography and illustrations that will make your site look polished and professional.

  Development and Presentation of Site Plan

We’ll develop a plan that conveys your vision and will wow your site’s visitors. We’ll put together mock-up views of your site to get your feedback and approval. If there’s anything that isn’t quite what you had in mind, we’ll address this early in the development process to keep the project on track for a timely launch.

  Preparation of Custom Content

If your site’s design requires any custom content, we can provide that. With twenty years of website development experience, we can develop any custom content needed for your site. This includes html coding, WordPress plug-ins and customized cascading style sheets (CSS). If any text that you provide needs to be modified for web-based reading, we offer content editing services that will elevate your words to the next level.

  Installation of Site Components

We’ll install your site’s components quickly and efficiently. If this is a new site and you need help with domain name registration or hosting, we have the experience needed to make that happen.

  Post-Installation Quality Control Testing and Archiving

We’ll check your site’s final configuration on a variety of devices and browsers to make sure that everything looks as it should. We’ll also use our extensive toolbox to check your site’s performance so that your visitors will have an optimal experience. We’ll make full backups of your site and its components and deliver these for your archive.

To finish up, we’ll answer any questions and by being available for future consultations if your needs should change.

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